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4.PATCHOULI Organic and natural cosmetics

Cosmetics that put your beauty and health first

Cosmetics that put your beauty and health first

4.PATCHOULI Organic and natural cosmetics

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Cosmetics that put your beauty and health first


Hair care


Benefits: Thanks to its botanical extracts, it thoroughly cleanses the hair and hair follicles. In regular use, it helps achieve a silky, shiny look by nourishing the hair follicles.


Benefits: Helps prevent hair from becoming electrified, easier to scan and look brighter.


Benefits:Haircare serum isideal for wornandbroke hair. It makes it easy to scan your hair, brilliant and bulky.

Hair care


Benefits: It helps to get silky and shiny appearance by feeding hair and hair roots.


Benefits: allows the hair to be easily scanned without cremation. It prevents electrfflcatlon. There is a protective feature against the heat of the fountain in the fog of the hair. It makes the hair look shiny and smooth


Benefits: thoroughly Thanks cleanses toits hair and plant hair extracts, diplomas. it appearance lnregularuse, by it helps nourishing to acquire hair a diplomas. shiny silky children.

Skin care


Benefits: Clay Mask cleans the skin deeply with its special formula and helps gaining silky appearance.


Benefits: helps to give your skin a bright and silky appearance by purifying and deeply cleansing the skin.


Benefits: Helps your skin silly soft and silky conrad throughout with the day.

Skin care


Benefits: Helps save money Balance skin moisture and Relieve sun-exposed skin and external factors. Apply some aloe vera gel on the skin by friction With the help of fingertips.


Benefits: The plant extracts in the aloe vera and allantoin help your skin nourish, smooth and gain two shades more clearly


Benefits: Thanks to its formula enriched with herbal extracts, it helps the skin gain a silky appearance by deep cleansing your skin and helps tighten the skin with propolis and hyaluronicacid.

Skin care


Beneflts:lt is an ideal cream for massage. It helps to soften the skin and to freshen up.


Benefits: Cleanses and purifies the skin in depth, helping it to acquire a bright and silky look.

Royal jelly cream

Moisturizing skin care cream. consisting of royal jelly. Benefits: It helps in getting smooth skin due to the herbal extracts it contains.

Skin care

Exfoliating, whitening and cleansing for the skin

Exfoliating, whitening and cleansing for the skin Benefits of an exfoliator, whitening and cleanser for the skin: It helps to give your skin a bright and silky look by purifying the complexion. and deep cleaning


Benefits: to the Helps skin your twice a skin day, stay morning moist throughout the day and gain a silky appearance.


Benefits: The plant extracts in the aloe vera and allantoin help your skin nourish, smooth and gain two shades more clearly

Skin care

Natural soap

Natural soap, a soap composed of natural materials, such as natural oils, plants, flowers, milk, honey, and others. It does not contain animal fats and chemicals. As for the industrial, it contains these substances that cause the skin to dry out and strip it of the natural oils layer.

Natural soap

We are distinguished by high-quality soap products. We have many types of soap, including: grape
seeds, royal jelly soap, laurel soap, grape seeds, royal jelly, collagen soap, and laurel soap.


The Beauty Point team has extensive experience in the cosmetics industry since 2007, and understands the needs of different skin and hair types.


The company is committed to providing organic products free of harmful chemicals and artificial ingredients.

Global Production

The company produces its products in advanced factories in the United States, Canada, and Turkey, and will soon open a factory in Korea.


The company holds several patents for its unique and innovative products.

Cosmetics that put your beauty and health first



The company sells to agents and distributors in countries where agents or distributors have been contracted only. The company provides an easy and comfortable shopping experience for agents and distributors through high-quality advertising materials, which it provides according to the language of the country.

Discover your personal beauty and the confidence that accompanies it with 4. Patchouli products.

Tempora aliqua cillum accusamus aperiam pharetra Highlights organic and natural ingredients: This caters to the growing demand for healthy and sustainable cosmetics.

Cosmetics services for all ages and genders

Cosmetics that help you feel good about your appearance.

Skin cream and moisturizers

Many types of skin creams and moisturizers are available, each with their own benefits and uses. (Healthy and radiant skin)

Shampoos and natural hair oils

Shampoos and natural hair oils Many natural and organic hair shampoos and oils are available, each with their own benefits and uses. Choose the shampoo and oils that are appropriate for your hair type and needs.

Natural exfoliator for the skin

There are many types of scrubs to cleanse the skin. Using a natural scrub regularly can help remove dead skin cells, improve skin texture and soften it.


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I was looking for new cosmetics for a long time, and I was never happy with what I found. It was either harsh on my skin or didn’t give me the coverage I wanted. Then I discovered 4.PATCHOULI, and it changed my life! Deborah SimsOwner, StyleZone
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Our Team:

We at Beauty Point LLC believe that true beauty comes from within as beauty experts since 2007

Organic and natural cosmetics: a revolution in the world of beauty
The world of cosmetics is witnessing a real revolution with the increasing popularity of organic and natural cosmetics. Consumers are moving away from products containing harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients, and moving towards alternatives that are safer and healthier for the skin and the environment.

We use
Organic cosmetics: Made from certified organic ingredients, meaning they were grown without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.
Natural cosmetics: Made from natural ingredients derived from plants or minerals, without harsh chemicals or artificial additives.

Use organic and natural cosmetics?
Safer for skin: Reduces the risk of allergies and irritation, especially for sensitive skin.
Healthier: Nourishes the skin and improves its long-term health.
More sustainable: preserves the environment and reduces pollution.
Cruelty-free: Not tested on animals.

Why our products?

Experience: We have more than 17 years of experience in the cosmetics industry.
Passion: We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and love of cosmetics with our customers.
Quality: We use only the highest quality ingredients in our products.
Customer Service: We provide exceptional customer service.

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If you want to buy, we sell wholesale only, and if you want to obtain agency or distributor rights in a country, you can fill out the contact form so that we will be ready to help you get what you want..

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Join the natural beauty revolution with 4.PATCHOULI!

Healthy, fresh, flawless skin.
Safe and effective ingredients that deeply nourish your skin.
Eco-friendly products that keep our planet healthy.
A feeling of self-confidence that comes from natural beauty.